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Granite Reports: Guinta donates to nonprofits $2,500 received from …

It's not unusual for elected officials or candidates to collaborate for joint fundraising committees. It's a way for …. Just like how some other Christian beliefs seem weird or strange like the existence of Purgatory, Holy rolling (in the aisles!) and snake …

QOTD: In Defense Of The Toyota Camry | The Truth About Cars

In 1955, no captain of industry, prince, or potentate could buy a car as good as a Toyota Camry, to say nothing of a 2014 Mustang, the quintessential American Everyman's car . But who …

12 Most Funny Tweets Ever (funny tweets, fun tweets) – ODDEE

Beauty is in the eye of the retweeter. These twelve are fun tweets because they are true: meet some of the most clever, funny tweets we've ever seen

cloudchaser_s: Cloudchaser's Tailwags & other stuff *toothy grin*

This is just funny things I've collected that I like enough that I want to share it with others. Much the same way that all of y'all have … I suddenly grab hold of the handle and pull open the door; just as suddenly I'm engulfed by a brilliant but strangely cold luminescence

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