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Dark Roasted Blend: The World's Strangest Vehicles

Some people want to do it in style, with a certain panache, pride and lots of attitude – while others want to set their vehicles as far apart from the norm as possible (without crossing into the ridiculous). Some of the vehicles depicted here were

40 Utterly Strange Examples of Vintage Armoured Cars – Weird Stuff …

In this post, we've compiled the list of antique and vintage examples of weird , odd and unusual armed vehicles . Check out the photos of these armoured cars that have appeared over the last one hundred years. Streamlined armored car : “Built

Ear Shift: The Top 10 Oddly Named Chinese Cars | WebUrbanist

Finding inspiring names for cars isn't easy, especially when your mother tongue isn't English and, in the case of China, there are over three dozen automakers looking to proudly dub their chariots. This selection of 10 oddly

Most Embarrassing Cars Made in the Last Decade | Car Resource

The strange headlights, odd rear ends and horrible overall design, make it the Frankenstein of all vehicles .

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