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Posts from ‘June, 2011’

Discover A number of the World's Strange Traffic Laws | Colorado …

If you ever conduct a research on this subject, you will definitely come back across some plain odd rules that will extremely make you marvel regarding common sense. ..

BMW 1 Series M Coupe Drifts Around U.S. Bank Tower Helipad

So, you see, a car dealer that will not accept a virtual blank check for some odd looking little compact car festooned with all manner of fender flares, scoops, and decorated in gallons of strange orange paint that neither the Golden Gate …

Watch This Video, And You Will Be Able To … – The Truth About Cars

If the car in question is a sporty car , should there be less effort on the manufacturer's part to ensure serviceability (because it's a “toy” and more likely to be owned by people with multiple cars ) or more (because sporty cars tend to … This isn't too bad, although requiring a specific Torx bit to do gas-station-level work on the car seems odd .

Certain Smells Can Suggest Car Troubles » Cars and Insurance

But, how are you affected if you start noticing an odd smell in your car . We will give attention to how certain smells that unexpectedly appear could mean a possible problem for your car . One prevalent strange smell is something that is ..

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