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'Cat in a Box': An excerpt from 'Kansas City Noir' –

p> The restaurants went next, spilling their drunken yuppies onto the snowswept pavement where they fished in their coats for car keys or looked into the reflected Christmas lights in each other’s eyes. …. p> And somehow he subdued them, injected them, played with them, loaded them in the trunks of cars , drove them elsewhere still, to odd corners of the city, to out-of-the-way parking lots where, after hours, his victims slowly recovered, then — from …

Lorry driver walks away from dramatic crash – Odd News |

In fact the lucky driver was somehow thrown from the vehicle , but still managed to land on his feet and walk away from the bizarre accident.

JA on F1 Podcast #8: Hamilton's move; life at Marussia and how the …

With six flyway races in eight weeks, we get an amazing insight into how the teams move the cars and equipment around the world,from Caterham team manager Graham Watson, while F1 business expert Zak Brown tells us about why Singapore has ….. I see what you're saying regards Ron Dennis but odd , even by Mclaren standards, to come out say next year's car was being based more on Lewis' style.

NJ Carjacker's Escape Ruined by Stick Shift Transmission – Dumb …

Instead of his friends or girlfriend mocking him for not being able to get the Porsche moving, Reynolds faces penalties for theft of a motor vehicle by force, violence, and intimidation, reports UPI. He could go to jail … Despite the obvious appeal and value of a Porsche or Ferrari, you just don't see these cars on these lists

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