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Why 2014 Will Be The Year Three Cylinder Engines Stop Being Weird

But, generally, we've always regarded four as the lowest limit of cylinders in a dignified car engine. This is the year that's changing … That's not a lot of cars , and the almost exclusively low-end nature of the cars is a large part of why many Americans still look at triple cylinders with a mix of pity and shame.

Top 10 Weird Military Cars of World War I – WondersList

10. Garford-Putilov Armoured Car . Weird Military Cars Garford-Putilov armoured cars were a type of armoured fighting vehicle produced in Russia during the First World War era.

The 2014 Mini Cooper Is The Future Of BMW – Jalopnik

Few cars have had an evolution as strange and fascinating as the Mini Cooper. It started life as Alec Issigonis' ultra-tiny, ultra-efficient car , and then at the start of the last decade it was reborn as a sport-oriented premiumĀ  ..

Guy Builds Functional Life-Sized Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, Confused …

First sold in 1979 as one of the first molded-plastic toy cars sold in the United States, it was called the “world's best-selling car for much of this decade” by The New York Times in 1998, outselling the Honda Accord and FordĀ  …

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