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Was Princess Diana killed by military? | Strange Unexplained …

On April 7, 2008, the jury concluded their verdict as “unlawful killing, grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles and of the Mercedes”. The Metropolitan Police said its assessment was not a re-investigation and does not come under …

Guy Pours Strange Goo All Over His Car, Then This Happened …

While auto enthusiasts may already know what's going on, there are others who may be wondering why this person has poured a strange goo-like substance all over his car . Well, it's expanding foam and normally used as a base for car designers when creating actual prototype vehicles .

Virginia, in search of Middle America. | THE SPORTSWOOL DIARIES

We biked over a river last week, and went from the north to the south without going through any hinterland or middle, which felt strange . Following Bike Route … So there you are, it was a Groundhog and she wins points for unusual mammal, which is one of our ongoing games.

Midtown blogger: Born Today- Jay Leno- wikipedia

In his testimony regarding a call by the accuser, Leno testified that he never called the police, that no money was asked for, and there was no coaching – but that the calls seemed unusual and scripted. …. Vehicle collection

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