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Posts from ‘February, 2014’

One in the USA: 1985 Alfa Romeo Sei Turbodiesel – Bring a Trailer

What is with the weird halo around the tailpipe in the first pic? Doug …. There's something strangely compelling about this car .

What It's Like To Drive Those Weird Japanese Cars They Don't Sell …

I think I realized why I like these so much — they're the opposite of all the 'aspirational' bullshit that's the norm for commuter cars now.

Strange Looking Train Cars

This is a LONG train of unusual looking cars. Wonder what’s in them?

Monday Morning Open Thread: Odd Folkways » Balloon Juice

works fine and doesn't seem weird . …… (she is both american and half japanese /half chinese) and she used to go into stitches describing the complex ways people would spelunk each other's histories (not hers because she was straight out of the system) by eyeing cars /homes/watches/paintings/school networks

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