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THE HOVER BIKE OF THE FUTURE … – Museum of the Weird

A resurrected hover vehicle won't fly through dense forests as effortlessly as the “Star Wars” speeder bikes from “Return of the Jedi,” but its intuitive controls could someday allow anyone to fly it without pilot training. The aerial vehicle resembles … “Think of it as lowering the threshold of flight, down to the domain of ATV's (all-terrain vehicles ),” said Mark De Roche, an aerospace engineer and founder of Aerofex

Time Change: Research At Some Point And Action | Wall Registers …

So, at what point do you go from a viewing where there's 'nothing strange happening here', to 'that's possible' to 'that's odd ' to 'that's really weird and highly improbable' to ultimately 'that's impossible'. … The car is actually being driven by a drunk driver and he hits a pedestrian killing same before crashing and totally destroying his car by driving at speed into a building.

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecasts: What a Strange, Crashy TRIP …

Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2, walmart, sealed cases. ..

Urluck Reviews: Energon Tow-Line (Deluxe, 2004)

Generally very good, Tow-line's altmode is mundane, as its the short of thing you every day, but also unusual , in that the vast majority of autobot cars tend to racers. A van isn't something that is especially interesting or cool(1), …

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