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Open thread: Hey America, it's Paul Ryan Update: Video added …

He was intelligent without being intimidating; he was stern and serious but still optimistic and even funny ; and he hinted at his wonkiness without getting into jargon and maintained his approachability. But the most beautiful thing about Paul Ryan as the …. That's what separates the US, Germany, Japan, and China from countries where cars are manufactured by foreign corporations (like Vietnam, Thailand, and Mexico)

New Clothing Line Coming, Inspired By 2013 … – The Truth About Cars

New Clothing Line Coming, Inspired By 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, Targeted At Stylish Women. This Is Not A Joke. | The Truth About Cars …

Odd Jobs in Movies: From Bike Messengers to Pet Detectives

The Kevin Bacon vehicle , Quicksilver, also examined the job way back in the 1980s. While both films illustrate the profession's inherent dangers – namely stray cars and cold blooded killers – Quicksilver uses the freedom and speed of bicycle …

Rachel's Incredible Italian Inquisition: Okay, weird day

Okay, weird day.

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