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Motorcheck Blog· car-names-where-do-they-come-from

The history of naming cars is littered with stuff that is odd , daft, inappropriate, and often downright hilarious.

Fireball in the Sky over Buenos Aires, Argentina crashed into a …

I dont think UARS satellite or space junk would make cars stop working … wow some weird stuff…I am sure whatever it is … Ase for the cars not working, it might have carried some strange kind of energy with it that we are not aware of yet.

Time Reversal: Studies In Time And Motion | Discount signs

So, at what point do you go from a viewing where there's 'nothing strange happening here', to 'that's possible' to 'that's odd ' to 'that's really weird and highly improbable' to ultimately 'that's impossible'. Or, at what point do you go from acceptance of what …

Salisbury freight depot shows its age | 365 News Now.Com

It's a spot where retired railroaders sometimes come to sit in their cars and watch the day's trains go by. Most recently, I think, Thomas and Howard had leased the structure for its cash-and-carry grocery wholesale business. ..

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