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Posts from ‘September, 2011’

90s Japanese Luxury Car Purchase Dilemma: Q45, LS 400, or RL …

Since I've developed a fascination with Japanese luxury cars of the 1990s (the era before the Japanese Big Three de-Yakuza-ized the souls of their American flagships and started out-German-ing the Germans), I've decided it's time I ….. It's the only weird one. (By the same logic, a 929 is an excellent idea.) My wife used to own an RL.

Weird and Wacky cars – Dodge Challenger Forum – Forums and …

As I was snooping around the web I kept coming accross strange cars companies and people have made. So it's time to show off some of them off. What vehicle do you find odd , ugly or even “what were they thinking?” I'll post the first odd duck

A Night of Horror: Night 2 – Friday, April 1 | Digital Retribution

Where else are you going to find such a collection of eclectic thrills all on the big screen? So, after an ..

You Won't Believe It's a Car | Car Accessories Blog

Inspired by different stuff, they use their redesigned cars for funny celebrations, parades, work, etc. I guess the line between being creative and weird is rather thin and what might seem as an ugly car to one, might be an awesome ride to others …

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