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CAMautoMag » Question: What's the Oddest Race Car You've Seen?

It is one of the weirdest things I've seen take a lap (a quick lap at that), and that got me to wondering about odd racers you've seen. Years ago, when GT Live was still a thing, you would see FWD time attack cars with giant wings protruding from the front. Not a splitter, not cannards, a big ole wing.

WEIRD LOVEMAKING: From sex with dolphins,sofas and other …

car sex. Love machine: Edward Smith says he has had sex with hundreds of vehicles . Mechaphile Edward Smith, from Yelm, Washington, admits to having sex with almost 1,000 cars

TV: Trouble reported with inner 'ice wall' at Fukushima; Highly …

I doubt that we'll be helping or even admitting futility anytime soon, and so, will keep coming up with busy work, boondoggle schemes to fool the public. Follow the money: 1. Vehicles : $51.1 billion 2

Prim Dolls: 2014 Fashion for Life: Journey

It reminds me strongly of images of London I've seen from the 1800s, all tall roofs with grates and narrow windows, with old cars abandoned here and there and the odd bent crate or pile of crates adding texture. I particularly love the textures of the streets and walls – all hard stone and crisp shadows interspersed with the odd blast of color in a window or painted onto a car . Most interestingly, the way through to the other end of the sim was actually through two of the …

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