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Spied: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax Diesel – PickupTrucks …

But in Asia it is different, SE and E Asia and even China pickups are like Australia, NZ, US, Canada and Mexico (to a degree), popular as SUVs and work vehicles . …

There's something wrong with Wellington Transport | strathmorepark

I've watched the moves by the city and GWRC over the last two years to better the transport that we have, whether public, car , or bicycle, and I think that very little has changed with the exception of increased fares that drive people off public transport, increased congestion, … At the top of the heap is Andy Foster, the person responsible for the transport portfolio, seemingly ineffective and taken with strange whims like the electric cars we saw touted in the Dominion Post.

View topic – 2010 Royal Car Mob Attack: imagery? •

I found this to be a very odd story at the time. ..

“Fin” aka “The End” (2012) – Spanish Suspense/ Thriller …

A strange , sudden inexplicable celestial incident alters their plans, leaving all electrical power mysteriously drained and stranding them and with no line of communication to the outside world. As they hike their way for help, the group starts … There are deserted cars … deserted houses… even crashing jet liners… all with signs that make it look as if the people just plain… evaporated somehow… leaving everything behind

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