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1964 Simca 1000 – Bring a Trailer

Unusually for a rear-engined car , the fuel tank is also mounted in the rear, so handling is said to be somewhat tricky at the limit. Nonetheless, this is a car that … This US model has an unusual look to me, I think the headlights are larger than for the European cars , so I guess there was no space for the fake grille and the turn signals out by the fenders.

“I was racing myself”: Hat-trick Hamilton Cruises to Shanghai win …

A perfect start from pole, as the cars behind battled and came together saw him establish a three second lead in as many laps, increasing that to ten seconds before the first set of pit stops and eventually taking victory by 19 seconds. This came despite a difficult practice day on Friday when Hamilton appeared very unhappy with the car's handling.

South Korea's sinking ferry: Stricken | The Economist

For the 800- odd grief-stricken relatives camped in a gymnasium on Jindo island, off the southwest coast of Korea, Ms Park's pledge to hold the crew accountable was scant consolation. Almost three-quarters of …. As I understand the ship also had an automobile deck which was partly occupied.

Poem-Mobiles: Bizarre Cars & Humorous Rhymes | Hilltown Families

Together, they have created a collection of futuristic automobiles, from the Giant Bookmobile of Tomorrow and the Caterpillar Cab to the Eel-ectric Car and The Sloppy-Floppy-Nonstop-Jalopy, which will have readers wheeling with delight. The poems, cast in short lines, …

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