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First Android 4.4.3 Details Come To Light – Here Is What You Should …

Strangely , I've heard that not everyone is afflicted with the terrible focus curse, so I suppose some of you will be more thrilled than others. Of course, wakelock, data, …. Hopefully it will help the Fitbit sync and Bluetooth auto connect work better.

The 12 Best Cars Sporting Controversial Styling – Wall St. Cheat Sheet

There are some cars that are just strange from the outside in — cars that look weird , drive weirdly, and don't have a whole lot to offer, other than maybe acting as an exercise for the company's engineers in design. The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet comes to mind, … That little window swoop looks a bit odd , but overall, it's an attractive car — and powerful, too, with the potential to harness well over 300 horsepower

3DS Review: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney …

If the building blocks are familiar, there's an unusual architect piling them up. With Ace Attorney creator, Shu Takumi, on scenario duty, … Lightning looms, cars crash and a desperate soul knocks on our door.

Over Easy: Driverless Cars | MyFDL

John Gould, of the Wall Street Journal explains that the self-driving car will collect an enormous amount of information using technology both inside and outside the vehicle : cameras, radar, lidar (remote sensing using laser), sonar, GPS, bumper sensors, …..

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