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Change of Subject: History unearthed

Before I knew the whole street was once rail, the paved-over parts always “felt” a little unusual – it was noticeably wider, with unusual buildings in unusual places for the neighborhood. That's what I love about this kind … Kenosha still has a streetcar line using five rebuilt Toronto PCC cars painted like other city's cars , including one as a Surface Lines Green Hornet, which were the largest PCC cars ever built & the only ones with three doors.

FYI: Why Is It Funny When A Guy Gets Hit In The Groin? | Popular …

Because they're not real to us, we don't care that they get hurt, a notion that's reinforced when they bounce back, as fit as ever, from deadly situations like falling off cliffs or being flattened by cars . Shows … Although distance does increase the humor perceived in highly aversive situations, such as getting hit by a car , closeness increases the humor perceived in mildly aversive situations, such as stubbing a toe

German Cops Seize 'Strangest-Looking Convertible' Pool Car

When one of the men, a 27-year-old who police suspect was driving, returned to the scene to collect his wallet, police obtained a sample of his blood for a blood-alcohol analysis. Chemnitz police spokesman Frank …

Painted naked women form a shape of the car « Daily Weird News …

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