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Ethical software up for grabs

Joshua adds in the comments: “Can't we just give the robot cars like three general guidelines and let them figure out the details on their own?” For the pointer I … It would be weird for a car to get into a situation where it was legally at fault for killing 20 people. If a bus of kids ….

Clay Farris Naff: To Ease Climate Change, I'm Giving Up My Car …

When I see people leave their cars running as they head into the supermarket with children in tow, I want to scream, “You ignorant, wasteful bastards! Don't you know what you're doing to your kids?”

Strange Symptoms '01 S60 T5

Strange Symptoms '01 S60 T5. Post by RayRay » Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:21 pm.

Can You Stomach This Unusual Holiday Getaway? (8 pics) – Izismile …

Although it all looks rather odd from the outside, travellers come for the experience of it and a room at the hotel costs £96 pounds a night ($154) and includes breakfast and entry to the sculpture park.

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