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"Zombies" Test Emergency Responders' Mettle in Maine | NBC4 …

Minnesota man's furry friend loves his motorcycle's side car .

Hyundai Generation Why Intramural League … – The Truth About Cars

The Veloster, meant to be a do-it-all car for the generation that doesn't like cars , has a rear seat, a strange third-door, oddball styling and an emphasis on gas mileage and green credentials.

College Grads Vie for Jobs Driving Wienermobile | NBC Chicago

More than 1000 college seniors from all over the United States have been applying for just 12 spots at Hot Dog High in Madison, Wis., in the hopes of steering one of the Oscar Mayer frankfurter-shaped vehicles , a company … She and her 11 classmates took a crash course in how not to crash one of the six Wienermobiles, especially while parking, and were introduced to the vehicle's famous horn that plays the song “Oh, I Wish I Were an Oscar Mayer Wiener.” ..

The New Tech.. – Forums

All the same I was just wondering how everyone's getting on with all the new bits and pieces that are appearing on modern cars , whether it's bluetooth, dsg boxes.. anything

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