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Political bombshell of the day: Rich man to build big house « Hot Air

The “scoop” is that the house will have a car elevator, which isn't that interesting — it's a way to store multiple vehicles in a tighter space — but can be usefully demagogued by class warriors on the left as a plutocratic extravagance. “Romney's so rich that … It is not unusual for homeowners to hire lobbyists to petition local California boards for large home renovation projects, San Diego officials said.

Ridge Racer Unbounded Review • Reviews •

By drifting, drafting and smashing through scenery, you fill a Power meter, which you can then deploy to either create shortcuts through smashable walls, set off explosives, or crash into other cars directly to “frag” them – Unbounded's … Unlike classic Ridge Racer, where even the slightest brush of the brake sends you gliding through sharp corners in a wonderfully impossible lateral slide, here you're expected to haul your car bodily around corners at low speeds in an …

Vellum Venom: 2012 BMW 328i Sedan | The Truth About Cars

Swage lines are really, really good at hiding the visual bulk of today's stupid-tall vehicles . Here are three of them in action

And every demon wants his pound of flesh… – "Silver Engine"

… sort-of Genre: Alternate Universe, a little bit of crack Rating: PG

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