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20 Strange and Hilarious Google Street View Sightings

Using a trike also decreases the carbon footprint created by sending a bunch of cars to just drive around.

On the Road: Ocean Springs, Mississippi to West Columbia, Texas

One station “on the top of every odd hour” listed all the venues for live jazz for that particular evening, and there were at least 50. … pedaling a bicycle in low gear very slowly, covered from head to foot in odd loose clothing, with several containers of various sizes about her bike, looking like a serious but very bizarre long-dstance traveler, much more strangely dressed than other cross-country bicyclists I have see.

The Hot Rod Disorder™: BIG 3, It's An Understatement!

So much to see, so much to buy! Need a tractor? There was more then just cars to look and dream about.

The Day a Police Car, a Random Act of Kindness and some Wise …

The grid pattern road system worked well on paper, but when motor vehicles were added to the equation, reality was that the sheer number of intersections meant more traffic lights than city inhabitants and crossing the city became a … The one- way street that would take me south was Barbadous Street and it was really quiet… the odd car passed but other than “M” following slowly behind the streets were deserted. I'd been …

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