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Posts from ‘January, 2012’

Dating Tips For Men | My Modern Lifestyle

There is an odd reason which leads to many men into believing in some of the most common dating myths that seem to be holding them back from having the kind of success they should be having with woman. … When I was a bit younger just about all my friends had better cars than I did.

Foam Storm – Weird News Stories

Weird News Stories, Strange Events, Absurd Stories The bizzare, strange , and odd world we all share … Home

Review: Saints Row: The Third

While Volition, Inc. has not introduced a strange and oddly -alluring new third gender in the latest Saints Row (a missed opportunity) they have continued the tradition of making things even more over the top and have actually managed to ….

Women are better at parking than men | Funny & Odd News

The best weird news stories out there … Home

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