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1973 Citroen GS 1220 Club For Sale

The styling is not as divisive as most Citroens, and the hydropneumatic suspension gives a ride unmatched by any other small car . Find it here on … And has one of those steering wheels…they truly are cars for the fan of the Citroen.

Seven tips for buying a used car | Windows 7 and More!

Once you see a few cars that you like you'll need to find out if the car is really worth what the seller wants to sell the car for. You are the one … Check for green fluid (coolant), red fluid (steering fluid), or any other strange fluids

It's More Than I Can Bear | Edward Vilga

The next blemish was in Vancouver, a crazy attempt to park in a garage at a weird angle. Just a little scrape …

What new car would you want to get or give as a gift? | Hooniverse

Since I am weird and particular and I like old cars which no one can understand, I would be more happy to give than to receive (OMG, imagine finding an RX400h with a bow in your driveway, and then having to make 59 payments on it?!). My wife would get a black G550 … I'd want a Sonata Turbo

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