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Featured Author: Tonia Brown + Giveaway! | Juniper Grove

Behind this sat a collection of six smaller bogies and a caboose; a few looked like sleeper and cargo cars , but Dodger couldn't discern the purpose of the others from the outside. The caboose was just as odd looking, bearing …

Weird Foods: Mammal | : Collection of Fun & Forward …

It's sort of a gelatinous mass made up of the aforementioned strange pig parts (lips, snout, organs, etc.) ….. Odd but great amphibious cars | : Collection of Fun … … of a car that is as much at home in the surf

Christmas Future « Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

A few rolls of half-used wrapping paper stuck out of the package, the odd cut ends flapping a bit in the breeze as the car slowly got up to speed. These cars had once been air conditioned, or so Maria was told, but it had not …

A peek into my life..: damn! i hate thinking of something for titles!

I can't believe 9 long semesters are doneee..

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