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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 455, Issue date, 05-02-11, UFO Case …

The last event in the sequence of odd experiences that have occurred took place when he made an appointment to see his doctor. During the time period of these strange occurrences my friend developed pain in his back.

Used Smart – Driving a Smart Car – car GPS news

When I say driving a Smart car , I definitely don’t mean driving one of the Smart ForFour models that came out recently, or even the strange yet oddly endearing Smart Roadster model. … I know very well that Smart cars aren’t anything like Ferraris, or Lamborghinis, or Aston Martins.

Weird Cars | Sports Car – Classic Cars

On the other hand, there exist some cars with designs that are very mundane and ordinary, while some car designs can amaze you with their oddities and unusualness. Here is the list of 5 cars with weird designs: 1. …

Weirdest Things Found in Human Body

Furthermore, in some particular corners in the whole, people are trying to eat odd things such as snake meat, insect and half-hatched eggs. However, when it comes to any surgeon, doctor or nurse, there is an oddest collection of what they have … He supposes that the leather belt has logged into his body in a terrible car accident in 2006.

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