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Posts from ‘May, 2011’

Mafia II « The Random Number

Unlike the Grand Theft Auto games, crashing will hurt you, guns aren't steady and easy to aim, your car needs petrol, the police will not look the other way if you run a red light, cars aren't always left open, …

And You Thought Your Resto Was A Pain |

But it got me to thinking about a lot of weird , Soviet related car stuff, and, more importantly, how it relates to being a gearhead in general. But first, let's get my take on our Soviet touchstone for this discussion. ….

BBC Radio 1: Newsbeat's Odd Box – 26 May 2011 | insurance auto

Ten “funny slash weird video clips” here, including lawnmower racing gnomes, Obama's car The Beast getting stuck and a ticket to the baby opera. It's the week's weird and wonderful video stories in Newsbeat's Odd Box ..

The Strange Smell in the Car

The smelly car and rubbish disposal was being discussed on another thread and in danger of disrupting the topic so I'v brought some of the comments from there to this one. Michael Wright said in his statement …

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