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1988-1991 Toyota Corolla GT-S | Autofrei

In light of recent talk about how Toyota’s car lineup became increasingly split between dull family cars and odd sporting cars , here is a fine counterpoint, the 1988-1991 Corolla GT-S. As Takahiro Fujimoto put it, … I’m happy that Toyota splurged on building cars like these, because I love going over the now nostalgic design.

Am I a hybrid? – Alien UFOs

It went behind a group of trees for a moment, and when I saw it coming down the road again, there were cars flipping under it. It was as if the disc was kept off of the ground by a powerfull rush of air, and these cars had been … They were greyish (none of the colors I describe should be taken too literally, as it was dark and the fire from across the field was probably doing strange things to the lighting) and had yellow-ish orange, wrap-around “eyes”, like a fly.

Welcome to Weird: Death Race 2000 – Screened

And oddly endearing.

Junk Monkey

A strange , strange little movie which was as oddly odd as I remember. (Helped no doubt by my downloaded copy being a few frames out of synch which had the effect of making everyone sound like they had dubbed themselves appearing in … Put an oil drum in the foreground and have the cars drive past the other way.

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