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Someone in SF is exposing the wild 'Truth' about Tesla, and it …

We don't know if Tesla drivers are as extreme as all that, but there was at least one Model S driver who was recently spotted doing some odd moves in and out of his sunroof (see video below). Did we mention that Model S …

Flashy cars and making good choices | Circles in the Sand

If this comes as a surprise, imagine how strange it seemed during Dubai's economic downturn to see expensive cars left abandoned in car parks and on roadsides. I'd drive past … How odd , I thought, that while some cities have a litter problem, and others suffer from high crime rates, in Dubai there was the unusual problem of high-end cars being dumped.

My daughter and I are tackling the thrilling vocabulary challenges in

Home · News · Business · Sports · Entertainment · Travel · Health · Opinion · Real Estate · Cars · Jobs · Deals … My daughter and I are tackling the thrilling vocabulary challenges in `Jane Eyre,' as long as she doesn't jump out of the car screaming … unjust!” said my reason, forced by the agonizing stimulus into precocious though transitory power: and Resolve, equally wrought up, instigated some strange expedient to achieve escape from insupportable oppression—as …

Flyer Accuses Tesla Owners Of War, 'Strange Sex,' 'Anal Itching'

They have already burned planes. cars , homes & childen. There have been tens of thousands of lithium ion battery fires & explosions

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