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Posts from ‘May, 2014’

Black Sabbath at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, 4/26/14 …

I had been home from Yosemite for a little over a day before Eva and I got in the car and headed south. …

This 1979 Ad Is From The Earliest Days Of Saturn – Jalopnik

Lots of us probably only dimly remember Saturn as those sorta boring cars with dent-resistant doors that GM was selling in a novel anti-haggle dealer network back in the 1990s. What most people forget is … Flyer Accuses Tesla Owners Of War, ' Strange Sex,' 'Anal Itching' ..

Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle: Old Jewish villages …

Old Jewish villages / SUN 5-4-14 / Old Highlands dagger / Chess champ Mikhail / Auto sponsor of Groucho Marx's You Bet Your Life / Landmark tech product of 1981 / Biblical name of ancient Syria / … Puzzle of the Week this week is Aimee Lucido's AVClub puzzle, “Period of Decline,” a super-smart and funny science-themed puzzle with a perfect revealer (get it here; read about it here).

The Chocolate Ocelot's Pouch: The Rupert Affair

It's odd to think that your bedroom must be within 30 feet of at least 4 other bedrooms full of other people sleeping – and doing other stuff – but you could go days or weeks without seeing those people. And if you live in a modern – by ..

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