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What are ways to help relieve fear of flying? – Straight Dope …

I do not experience fear in cars being driven by other people. I drive in cars every day, for many years, I am used to them. I feel comfortable that I am …

Housekeeping: I Don't Like It Any More Than You Do | The Truth …

… and articulate commenter. He was primarily concerned with letting everybody know how smart he was, then advocating his his world view, then maybe, on the odd occassion, discussing automobiles

1981 Matra Murena – Bring a Trailer

Quirky in true limited production French style, these cars featured fiberglass bodies, three abreast seating, and a mid-mounted four cylinder of either 1.6 liters or 2.2 as fitted to this example. … As a wildly non-related PS, I remember my dad once considered a Chrysler 2L (a rebadged Simca 180) which had a 2 liter Simca engine and RWD but very strangely for Europe only could be had with auto which killed the deal so he went with a Fiat 132 1800GLS instead.

Baltimore Landslide Swallows Cars (Video) – Daily Picks and Flicks

A landslide on the 26th Street in Charles Village, Baltimore, was filmed by Nick Ybarra-Reyes. If you get impatient – the collapse starts at 1:10 in the video. Also: lower your volume if you are using headphones.

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