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Plumbed Down: Top 10 Christmas Gifts Nobody Ever Gave You.

We did a little stocking stuffer exchange at my parent's house (We had a no item over $5 rule, and it was oddly really fun), and my brother-in-law got me a clamshell pack of vintage baseball cards.


The model was dressed in leather, something from one of the fall collections with a wicked, constricting cut to it. …. But whatever it may or may not be, whatever strange flavors outsiders bring to it, Bleecker is primarily, prevailingly Italian

30 Years Later, One Man Is Still Trying To Fix Video Games – Kotaku

He builds strange follies (for example, a laser that beams across one of his fields. “What's it for?

Stolen car returned to family, children's gifts missing from trunk …

Roland told KVAL reporters he was contacted Saturday by someone who spotted his car on Charnelton Alley after they had seen a suspect and vehicle description on our news broadcast. He met with ..

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