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Posts from ‘December, 2013’

“I Don't Like To Lose” | A Trout In The Milk

“I don't like to lose,” explains James Kirk in Star Trek II, and so oddly uplifting, even reassuring, is this egotistical remark when it comes that we fail to notice that it does double-duty as foreshadowing. ….

Subway train driving on the streets of Tokyo 【Video】 | RocketNews24

Currently, the Ginza Line uses the newest model of subway cars (1000 series) and we are in the process of decommissioning and replacing the 01 series cars . So it seems our reporter may be one of the last people to witness  …

Myths and Legends: Citroën XM | The Truth About Cars

No, the first impression is of unusually low hipline – it is especially noticeable when you transfer from any kind of modern car , but even most other 1980s-1990s luxurious cars feel decidedly “bunker-like” compared to the XM. … The suspension was still strangely stable, not leaning into corners or during braking and largely ignoring the road undulations, but the secondary ride quality was a bit lacking – I could still feel the ruts and potholes in the road, although the  …

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