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When The Pumps Ran Dry: The Bizarre 1985 San Marino Grand Prix

It's not strange in that it's got open wheels or drivers from all over the world, that sort of thing is normal. It's not … What's weird is when that circumvention and the rules collide, like they bizarrely did at the 1985 San Marino Grand Prix


How they create this identity is entirely up to them, but whether they do so via weird fashion statements, bizarre cars , odd crafts and hobbies, or simply by opposing the law, you can't deny the fact that traits like this are what essentially make us human after all. 10.

The Creepiest Christmas CHARACTER of All | StarrTrekking

That's where you get to watch some buddies hang out together in a variety of vehicles , headed for adventure. In the 1940s, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour had a … Yes, in Germanic countries at least as far back as the 1800s, in Santa's earlier incarnation, “St

Excerpt: The Christmas Town by Elyse Douglas | rolopolobookblog

“I mean, how we got this car . I know you lied to that man back there. I know it

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