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Being a driver here takes nerves of steel (well, being a passenger here takes nerves of steel too) because the roads are not very wide and there are big trucks and huge buses and tuk-tuks and cars and people on bicycles and people on foot. … So the car gets behind a tuk-tuk and decides to pass

Tom Wagner Falls Asleep On Plane, Wakes Up Alone, Locked Inside

Sperm-sniffing Police Dog. Police Dog Handler B-G Carlson with the sperm-sniffing dog Rapport's Opus, which collected evidence against a 23-year-old man who was charged with a rape. Credit:

From Hip Hotel to Holy Home: The Self-Realization Fellowship – KCET

On the winding drive up the wooded mountain I had passed deceptively rustic homes which reminded me of the ones in my hometown of Chapel Hill — the family dwellings of Ph.D hippies, with rusted cars and kitchen gardens on … The surrounding neighborhood of Highland Park, by the early 1900s, had grown into a thriving suburb with the advent of the streetcar system bringing passengers from downtown on the “yellow car ” to the corner of York and North Figueroa.

Police investigation launched into mass cycling events (From Daily …

The are evil No they are not Cars own the roads What about the horses Or yes the horses they own the roads Car hit the horses But cyclists are worse They wear lycra you know Must be weird , who would wear tight fitting clothes for a sport.

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