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Canberra Centenary year in review | In The Taratory

Still, the process meant that strange or silly ones on which were let through to the voting stage were then voted on. The 100 shortlist was a …

Stupid Tuesday questions, Erik Estrada edition | Ordinary Times

This is of itself not such an odd thing. Interstate traffic in the Boston metro is wont to slow down inconveniently. As I approached the area where the cars seemed to have stopped, I noted that there was a police car stopped in the far right lane, lights flashing.

Weirdest apps for Android and iPhone | Weird Hut

… and iPhone. Some of these apps for android and iphone are very useful some interesting and some very unusual and strange

S2000 Powered: 1973 Volvo 1800ES – Bring a Trailer

I'm oddly attracted to this car . Which is weird

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