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10 Strange Traffic Laws | Personal Injury Lawyer | South Carolina …

If your pet causes “annoyance, discomfort or injury to the health and welfare of persons in the community” including “molesting pedestrians or passing vehicles ” you could be fined up to $500. … As a North Charleston car accident attorney, I always like to review traffic laws.

Driven; Maserati Quattroporte;- Sex and Violence

Some cars have touches of wood trim, plonked haphazardly down because “wood means luxurious, right?” Here, though, wood is used to denote proper, genuine craftsmanship. With plastic and metal any little flaws and inaccuracies can be easily …

The Quirky Globe: 10 weird traffic laws of USA

It is unclear if they were just being thorough or if doggie molestation of cars is common here.

LikePage: 6 Creative and Cool Car Sunshades

Paparazzi magazine Sunshade: On it’s 5th birthday Paparazzi magazine and Publicis Graffiti Argentina placed these sunshades in all the cars parked in the most popular night places in Buenos Aires, where paparazzi always are looking for …

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