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Posts from ‘March, 2011’

Another Gun Blog: Strange, very strange

I have no idea what either of those dreams might mean, but damn were they odd . Clearly the 2nd one is a clear indicator that I’m old

Another PI for the cult outed

I am not the person, I created it for them at This morning, (3-15) I spot a strange car parked in my neighbors driveway.

Cars and Observations: A very weird week.

I haven’t felt like looking up anything on the Internet, again, strange . I went clothes shopping, which is abnormal in itself, and then saw nothing I liked at all.

Why Most Product Launches Fail – « Twitjiji – The easy way to find …

Ads showing riders who looked like circus performers perching on weird -looking chariots didn’t help, nor did the price tag—$5000. Instead of selling 10000 machines a week, as Kamen had predicted, the Segway sold about 24000 in its first five years.

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