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25 Interesting Things Your Auto Mechanic Probably Won't Tell You …

Starting off, don't get tricked into getting your spark plugs replaced unless there's a legitimate need to address a driving issue, as most vehicles have 100,000-mile replacement intervals.

Grandma's recess: Ah, the lazy, crazy days of winter

A line from a car dealer's commercial caught our attention tonight: “Our dealership has more cars than the desert has dirt”.

Don't Forget the Washcloth or You'll Have to Go to Confession When …

Thinking we might have been given the wrong side of the road to look on, I turned and retraced our steps, weaving in an out of young ladies with buckets, oddly decorated cars and crowds of happy, and getting happier Irish people in the … We washed up and went back downstairs to see about getting some lunch in the restaurant; crowded with the folks from town, The Gawkers, and the weird car folks, The Gawked At.

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