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Feeling our way to the future – Divernet

Now I've certainly seen more than my fair share of strange sights – especially on technical-diving trips – but this is a bog-standard tourist dive, in the totally non-tek Seychelles. How very weird . A quick glance around me reveals that about half  ..

Share – Daily Star

WEIRD ! Strangest collection of critters you'll ever see anywhere – meet THE DIRDS. YOU'VE heard of bird dogs bred for retrieving purposes, well meet the dog birds – a wonderfully bizarre collection of photos of birds crossed with … dird, dog bird, hybrid, weird , photoshopped, morphed BARKING MAD: This cross between a pug and a tit sums up the creations [TUMBLR].

25 Strange and Unusual Facts About Everyday Life – TechEBlog

Continue reading for twenty-five more strange and unusual facts about everyday life. [Source] …. Skyscraper Literally Melts A Car In England.

“I Sing the Body Electric”/“Cavender Is Coming” – The AV Club

“I Sing The Body Electric” is unusual in the Bradbury canon in that it started life as a television script, became one of the author's short stories in 1969, then became a television script again when it was reimagined as the special … And when the episode is dealing with the scenes that move the plot along—like that salesman scene or the car scene or the final scene where Grandma heads back to the factory to be repurposed—there's a weird , beautiful efficiency to it.

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