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Mom of boys who died in SUV while she had sex arrested in Florida

Court records show Jensen first told authorities that she left the boys in a running car to talk to a friend after playing in the snow near Powerhorn Ski Resort. …. In the report the medical examiner concluded that, “Leaving children unattended in motor vehicles has well known risks associated with various forms of fatal and non-fatal injury; in particular, hyperthermia deaths occurring as a result of sun exposure in automobiles in temperate environments is well known.

The humans behind Twitter spambot @Horse_ebooks are revealed …

Which is why the Internet gave a collective yawp of despair after Susan Orlean unveiled a shocking(ish) revelation in the New Yorker: @Horse_ebooks, the beloved surrealist spambot spewing oddly profound nonsense, was not the result of a sublime Internet singularity.

Ryanair's CEO Is Like No One Else – Business Insider

26 Nostalgia-Inducing Photos From A Race Of Vintage Cars In Britain · Audi Makes A Great Diesel Car , But It Messed Up The Name … At the center of the unusual success story is Michael O'Leary, the airline's 52-year-old Irish CEO. O'Leary is nothing like the usually staid airline boss

Unusual Alien-Like Creatures That Really Existed in Prehistoric Times

Unusual Alien-Like Creatures That Really Existed in Prehistoric Times (25 pics) …. An extinct genus of prehistoric sharks, Stethacanthus or 'chest spike,” was about 6 feet long with a strange looking back growth on males.

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