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Images From 'Surgical' Damascus Explosions | Zero Hedge

A member of the Syrian security forces walks past destroyed vehicles at the site of twin blasts in Damascus … The pictures are of the May 10, 2012 car bombing outside the intelligence headquarters

Strange Laws That Can Get You Locked Up Abroad |

A few of the unusual foreign laws they highlighted include: Venice: It's illegal to feed pigeons here. Nigeria: Taking mineral water into the country could land you in hot water.

Muscle Run Review | Touch Arcade

Play-wise, the cars handle as you'd expect from weighty, seventies metal and the feeling of speed gets the heart planted firmly in the mouth when whipping by big rigs and roadworks.

Third-party texters risk liability in car crashes: Court – U.S. News

“The key here is that it's the first time in the nation that any court has held that somebody can be electronically present, although not physically present, in a vehicle with knowledge that the other person is operating a ….. They shouldn't have made the song so irresistible to play air guitar to, knowing that people would be listening to it in their cars while they are driving.

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