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Primed: Splash Damage Reveal Dirty Bomb | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

It's funny , I skipped out on so many, some because I couldn't get my friends interested, most because I couldn't bring up the time and effort to play it, then become decent at it, want to bring it further with a good team, find none, then get bored with it…. Log in to Reply

A Video Look Behind the Scenes at BaT

Cool cars and cool story! Nicko.

The joy of six | The Sun |Sport|Motorsport, said: “Just looking at this car you can imagine the shocked faces among the F1 establishment when it took to the track – and beat them. “The seventies was a decade of weird and wonderful Formula One cars .

Humanoid Reports & Other Encounters / 2010 – August 2012: Part 4 …

It had no lights but he could see what appeared to be ' weird looking words' along the side almost like 'old Cree writing'. The witness thought that it was not a drone and could see what appeared to be orbs of 'energy' gathering something from the ground one of them flew towards the witness and was emitting a strange humming sound it suddenly flashed a deep purple ….

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