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Will the lazy scapegoats save the country? | New Jersey Real Estate …

They're not working, they're living at home, they're constantly complaining about their debt, they're not buying cars or houses, and they're not even having babies. ….

The Rider News » Weird N.J. showcases the state's spookiest secrets

Daring visitors have noted unidentifiable wildlife, strange figures that stare and do not speak, phantom vehicles and an overwhelming feeling of dread and uneasiness. Two of the most popular legends involve a ghost boy at ..

Tens of thousands of BMWs easy targets for crooks | AOL Cars UK

The reprogramming process usually takes a trained technician up to 40 minutes, but sly car thieves can manage it in minutes after smashing their way into the car , allowing them to start the vehicles and drive them away.

15 comments – thequestionclub:

I got pulled over in my car by a police officer, who then somehow followed me into my house and found a bag of pot in my bedroom and then arrested me for it! What did … I dreamed about Weird superconductor cars that had massive heatsinks shaped oddly like CPU coolers with a CD deck plugged somewhere in the middle were driving around the city. Reply; New ..

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