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Posts from ‘September, 2012’

10 Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles – (home, house…) – A Blog on Oddities: the odd , bizarre and strange things … 1925 House Car . Touted as one of the very first “motor homes,” this is the 1925 Chevy House Car from the GM Heritage Collection

Driving the Chevy Volt | Geoff's Room

It just pulls and keeps pulling, at least up to about 60MPH. It doesn't get up to a certain point, start to fall flat on its face, then upshift and do it again like a gasoline powered car does.

Man Tries to Sneak into Spain Disguised as Car Seat | NBC 10 …

A man who skillfully attempted to conceal himself inside a car seat was busted trying to sneak into Spain illegally last week, the Daily Mail reported.

Strange Laws In Your Country Or Elsewhere… – PakPassion …

In England we have a lot of odd unenforced laws which are amusing…be jokes if a policeman actually enforced some of these laws… American's certainly have the most amusing ones I have seen…any crazy ones from where …

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