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Corrected: On U.S. car license plates … – Funny And Odd News

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Question: GM's Costliest Misstep? | The Truth About Cars

The car turned out pretty well, but a series of penny-pinching hardware decisions that made oversteer and rear-end-jacking problems (in the hands of American drivers accustomed to the behavior of cars that handled like combine … Thing is, Chrysler fell into that with the initial K- car sedans and wagons. Didn't work for them, either.

See Jayne Date: One Girl, Two Todds, and A Few Too Many

He worked almost every day with a drunk driving prevention service that transported inebriated people and their cars safely home. With Todd's hectic schedule and my odd work hours we arranged to meet in between his …

Asleep on the Compost Heap: planespotting in Dublin

From hatchbacks crammed with kids high on sugar, to sleeker (somehow sadder) cars singularly occupied by business types drinking coffee, to white vans containing men who snooze behind Evening Heralds folded over … Each plane would appear from the exact same spot in the clouds over the city, a tiny cross shape that slowly took on the familiar form of a jumbo, before finally becoming astonishingly huge as it landed, yards from our car , behind the airport fence.

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