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Six Weird Creatures You Don't Want to Meet | OM Times Magazine

Sightings continued and fervor escalated over the following months, coinciding with a bewildering array of strange activity – including precognition, odd prophecies, UFO sightings and encounters with bizarre “Men in Black. …

Custom El Lumino Is A Bizarre Find That Must Be Seen

style of the El Camino or Ranchero knows, once you start looking there is a surprising abundance of these strange vehicles . Some come out nicely, some come out … Even so, a conversion from minivan to pickup truck has done wonders for managing to up the weird factor

CC Outtake: How About A Nice Weathered Aeroback? | Curbside …

In fact, they were so unusual that GM had to stick a 1976 Seville roofline on them in 1980; then they sold like hotcakes. Poor GM. They see that European cars are ..

96' running oddly after fixing A/C. – Buick Forums

I'm used to some cars idling funny when the A/C is on but I've never experience this before, when driving at highway speeds and when the TC kicks on, if I hit the gas ever so slightly to try to go from say 60-65 the car will accelerate but the RPM gauge goes up like 100rpms and then back down and I can feel what seems like the engine shaking more like its misfiring or something, … It cruises just fine and the transmission shifts smoothly and everything its just weird .

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