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Real Off-Roading | California Drivers Suck

By expectnothing on Jan 24th, 2012 | 3 Comments; Ferrari's most-powerful car revealed … 2) A nifty smartphone app that will collect traffic data as you drive to help determine the best driving routes (like a real-time GPS.) … Enemy Vehicles

Top 10 Weird and Funny Lists: Ford Fusion Hybrid

Top 10 Weird and Funny Lists.

Guestpost #81: Josef Addleman – Ten things I've learned from …

During the 2008 Olympics, the government restricted car traffic by 50% in order to reduce traffic and air pollution. They did this based on the last number on a given car's license plate: on Mondays, only cars with an even numbered plate could drive, and on Tuesday only odd numbers

Sales of over-ambitious electric cars stall, but weird Twizy might …

Sales of battery-only electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf barely register on either side of the Atlantic as car buyers blanche at the prices — around twice as much as a similar-sized regular powered car — and the iffy and unimpressive range. …

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