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1966 Ford Cortina GT For Sale

The car drove as though it had about 2″ of toe-out — it would tramline over the painted stripes in the road but it turned in like lightning. I sold it, of course, almost immediately ….

Daily Kos: Mitt Romney needs all those cars because of all those …

Ah yes, who doesn't have multiple cars to play with? Who doesn't use a 20-sided die every morning to decide which car to pull from the stable? Is it an SUV day, or a convertible day, or a two-seater roadster day, or a muscle …

Are used cars really cheap in in the UK? | 9to6 Blog

… like mad and if you can afford the extra tax and fuel costs you can pick them up for buttons

I am looking into starting a auto-hauling business, what do I need to …

That's a weird business to start.

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