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Posts from ‘September, 2011’

Honda Improves Fuel Economy for Motorcycles | 365 News Now.Com

Car Finance customers who want to switch to a cheaper mode of transport will like this: HONDA is not only busy with research to improve fuel economy and emission levels of their motor cars – the company's research also …

Some Weird Chinese Jobs – We think it Mazing! | Japanalyst – Japan …

It is an odd and rather hypocritical illusion, as China really doesn't want foreign ownership of any of their companies, but they do desire the lucrative coffers that only successful international firms can provide.

2012 Model Year Overview | Juj1

In the face of uncertain fuel costs and mandates for cleaner, more efficient propulsion, we're seeing a proliferation of widely available electric vehicles , along with a hybrid or two in nearly every automaker's stable.

Odd Behaviour? – Beekeeping Forum

At least half a dozen times in the last few weeks while sitting in car waiting at junction or lights, I have seen bees (one in each incident) investigating the rear wheel area of the car in front… rather like a dog sniffing around…. Are they sniffing the exhaust fumes or do they have a rubber fetish

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