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Paper blames recent London rioting on Grand Theft Auto -Destructoid

I suppose that one can blame games for the odd riot now and then, just not the games that these lot enjoy placing the blame on. People tend not to upend cars and set things ablaze because they lost a match in Madden/FIFA.

MSM grasping at straws « Irish Tory

It seems that electronic shops are quite popular with the 'protesters' as well as off licences, again they seem to made up of crowds of blacks and the odd wigger. Police cars , reporters and White passers by are being targeted for violent attacks and not one of the MSM organs is reporting this, even though they have been the targets! In fact, the MSM seem to be straining at the bit to excuse the black criminality, they seem to be terrified of people coming …

volkswagen credit Used Smart – Driving a Smart Car

When I say driving a Smart car , I definitely don't mean driving one of the Smart ForFour models that came out recently, or even the strange yet oddly endearing Smart Roadster model.

2011 Monte Shelton NW Classic Rally: Day One. (For real this time …

For example, in the 2009 event, we did better on day two than any other car save the overall winner. We stayed on-course and dad kept us on-time

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