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Weird & Unusual Cars [Photos] – Flint's Rock Radio

For more badass pictures head over to Category: Photos, Technology Tags: car lovers, cars , Jesus, strange , turcks, weird .

World's Most Rare Tricks: Wipe the web clean of Sheen

… working on self-driving cars . As CBS News reports, Google software engineer Sebastian Thrun reckons that “we need them, and people want them” – not because we’re lazy, but because tech could make cars safer.

Certified Pre-Owned Models Cost More Than Similar New Vehicles

Matthew de Paula, writing at MSN Auto, has coined a good phrase to describe the weird fact that some certified pre-owned models cost more than similar new vehicles : “economic twilight zone.” … The article says the higher cost is due to great depreciation, which strikes me as odd because a new vehicle depreciates more its first two years than a two-year old model would in years three and four. However the article rightly points out that financing a ..

Volester, Hyundai First with Strange Door | The Future Windows of …

… on Thursday (10/03/2011), Veloster is Hyundai’s first car with an odd number ie 3. One on the driver’s side (left) and two doors on the passenger side (right)

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